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"B"Couture Consulting & Placements:

A network of seasoned hairstylists, makeup artists, fashion assistants and other creative professionals that we have registered to work along side "B"Couture Fashion Director and Wardrobe Stylist Tylea "B"Couture! Here is where we offer various services including but not limited to runway and on-set training, comp cards for aspiring models and fashion show production (assistance)

"B"Couture Style House Studio

The place where all of the magic takes place. Hair styling, Makeup artistry, Wardrobe and Fashion Styling on-set as well as on an individual basis. from airbrush makeup and tanning to personal shopping...I go the extra mile to satisfy the service needs of my clients. From Glam packages before a night out on the town to photo shoots and styling for music videos and film productions...

"B"Couture Fashion PR

Within the Fashion PR Division we focus primarily on brand development for our clients; coordinating/promoting events, writing and distributing press releases and serving as liason in media relations. We raise brand awareness and drive sales through creating opportunities for product placement for the client. (Web designing services coming soon!)

Each"B"Couture division will work together with its sister divisions to ensure the satifaction of our clients through customized service packages based on each clients need. Contact us when planning your next project!



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"B"Couture Accessory Line is Here!!!

"B"Couture Innovative Accessories are hand made multi-funtional accessories that I design and customize for my clients. I draw inspiration from culture, high fashion trends, street wear and of course...GLAMOR. The debut creations and what we call "necklace earrings" are designed so that you can wear them as a necklace or as an exotic "ear flower". Above everything else I design these pieces  not just for my clients and myself but also to create a customized treasure that is not just exclusive but essential to those who dare to be different and stand boldly in the face of fashion...Real trendsetters stand up!

The "B"Couture Innovative Accessory line actually made it's debut on a project I'd been called on to cover for singer/actor Tamar Davis. She was a great talent to work with and taking on an essential role in the production (and styling) of the photo shoot for her debut album cover early 2010 was a pleasure.


the "B"Couture website is currently under construction, however, all who have an interest in learning more or ordering a pair for yourselves can find us on etsy.com! (bcouture access / bcouture boutique) or you can email me directly and place an order. "B"Couture honors Visa, MC, American Express, Diners and Paypal 

I would love to hear your feedback!

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Los Angeles CaliforniaGrammy Nominated Songstress- Támar Davis’ self titled album ”My Name Is Támar”  (August 2010) is her innate love letter to the soul’s rock edge featuring the first  and second single  “Heartbeat” and “Red-Carpet”. A humble power house with a voice that has gained the respect of the music and entertainment industry’s elite artists and producers has made her an untouchable force to recon with. 
This vibrant Houstonian has a resume to die for with multiple achievements dating as far back as Jr. High School when appointed one of the lead singers of the pre-Destiny’s Child group “Girls Tyme”. Támar later studied and completed her Bachelor of Music at University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music in Music Business and perfected her ability to sing in French, Italian, German, and Swahili.
Soon after graduation Ms. Davis became the beloved protégée to one of the most respected men in the music and entertainment industry – The artist known as Prince. The musical collaboration between Prince and Támar led to the Grammy nominated single Beautiful, Loved and Blessed - which was performed on Saturday Night Live. Following was the energetic performance of rock-influenced Red-Head Stepchild by the duo on Good Morning America and across the nation on an eleven city US mini tour. Since the collaboration Támar  has taken  her solo career to another level with performances in Antalya Turkey where she sang her signature soon -to–be- released ballads with the harmonious sounds of the Berlin Orchestra.
Recently, she has been taking on multiple starring roles in the inspirational stage productions of television and movie mogul Tyler Perry - “The Marriage Counselor”, “Laugh to Keep from Crying”, “Madea’s Big Happy Family” and was commissioned to perform the theme song “Dream the Impossible Dream” at the 2008 grand opening of Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta Georgia. Her performance moved an audience which included Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith and Sydney Portier. Through this platform Támar funded her independent project under the umbrella of Syren Music Group which included the collaborations of some highly respected Atlanta based musicians and producers. Syren Music Group is an independent entertainment company based out of Los Angeles California that supports unsigned artists by providing a platform for creative expression through their music.

Tamar Davis just finished a tour with Tyler Perry and is now available for interviews, appearances and live performances.

"B"Couture Inspires While Being Inspired

For anyone who has a vision that is clear to you but no one else can seem to see it so they fail to believe in you...
For my sisters and brothers from many different cultural backgrounds, nationalities and walks of life... from the street hustlers to college friends chasing that B.A., MBA and PHD.
For all who I come in contact with while on my journey...I love you and beleive in your purpose...Stay true to who you are, go after your dream(s) and stay rich in prayer...we all have those days when we feel far away from the light at the end of the tunnel but understand that you are an essential thread woven into the most intricate tapestry and there is no one who can do what you do in the fashion in which you do it in. You are ordained for greatness...Never forget to own it and keep hustlin'.
                                                                                                -Tylea "B"Couture

" Have integrity, do what you say you are going to do and treat people with respect...even if you dont agree with them." - Michelle Obama

"B"Couture Style House Studio Styles Maternity Glam Shoot featuring 106.1 KMEL Radio Personality Sana G.

On November 8, 2009 I had the pleasure of laughing with and glamming up  the no less than fabulous Sana G. of the Bay Area's Hottest Source for R&B and Hip-Hop music - KMEL. She is by far one of the realest people I've met in a long time and she was a pleasure to glam. Sana is featured in my Urban-Chic Maternity Glam photo shoot that was inspired by my own experiences being pregnant. When a woman is pregnant she can still feel sexy and beautiful on the inside but her body changes so drastically that mommies-to-be can sometimes become a bit of a slouch when it comes to her appearance leaving the "Cute-ness"up  to the birds. it's hard work from getting up in the morning and trying to tie your shoes to simply trying to get up from a seat...Mommies get exhausted and the last thing on our minds is "GLAM".(LOL) We get our passes from society because we are carrying life so we eventually take advantage of being able to rock the yellow knee high socks with flip flops and green sweatpants.lol. We fall in to a habit that nearly eliminates our external "sexy" because of being beat down by pregnancy.Well you have to bring that "sexy" back - even when- no excuse me- especially when you are pregnant or have had major body changes in weight (loss or gain) we have to embrace our curves or lack there-of. We have to do this for "US" and no one else... Mommies to be...Love your beautiful changing body, you are a vessel of LIFE and there is nothing more beautiful than that. I always tried to make sure I stayed in touch with my glam side throughout each one of my pregnancies and as a mother of three I wanted to share that love and experience with Sana as she approaches her due date mid November. Here the stunning Sana G. is laced with Hand made one of a kind earrings and Swarovski Crystals paired with flowing [plus size] designs from 'On The Runway' Specialty Boutique of Oakland California. Hair was styled by 'moi' while make-up was applied by one of "B"couture Consulting & Placements MUA's Ms.Stylez. These sultry photographs were the compliments of Scott Wall one of the "B"Couture resident Photographers whose talent is beyond explanation. I hope you enjoyed our cozy studio and crazy team  Sana, you and the baby are welcome back here at "B"Couture Style House Studio anytime!
Listen to Sana G. Show Monday thru Friday from 11am to 4pm and or log on to www.kmel.com to listen live all day! 
Sana G.

Director/Producer: Tylea Borscha
Wardrobe/Fashion Stylist: Tylea Borscha
Model: Sana [and Niya]
Hair: Tylea Borscha
Makeup: Ms. Stylez
Photographer: Scott Wall
Clothing/Accessories: On The Runway Boutique Oakland California
Tech Support: Antione Copeland Founder of G.H.Computer Techs
Jr.Account Representative/Fashion Assistant: Duane Lynn
BCouture Style House Studio
"B"Couture Consulting & Placements


Special Thanks to "B"Couture Account Representative Duane Lynn aka "Lynn"

"B"Couture Style House Studio (SF) partners with DAM Magazine (NY)

October 10,2009
"B"Couture had a great outcome last month when partnering with DAM Magazine of  New York, New York. It was an editorial shoot featuring R&B Vocalist and Broadway actor Chester Gregory.Mr. Gregory charmed everyone with his deep philosophies on the "L" word (Love)complimented by his down to earth personality, a vibrant smile paired with a head full of hair that many women would kill for. After hearing him sing this December baby caused me to fall victim and become a fan and it turns out that we actually share a lot of the same views on life, love, career and family. To top it off we also share the same Birthday! December 10th...imagine that! It was truly a pleasure to work with the team of DAM Magazine, Chester Gregory and his PR/Management team . I look forward to working with them again /

November 7, 2009 and here we are! behind the scenes...

"B"Couture Style House Studio Launch, Rock the Runway Fashion Show and Styling 106.1 KMEL's Lady Ray

Oct 24th 2009-

Technically, we should have a launch party laced with plenty of beautiful people, plenty of champagne and laughter...well...I am proud to break it to you, we dont have the time..."B"Couture has been extremely busy especially after our recent trip to New York where I covered an editorial shoot with D.A.M. Magazine featuring Chester Gregory the R&B vocalist and Broadway actor. Now[!] back to "B"Couture being busy, we were recently hired by Bay Area Producer Mario B. to assist backstage and serve as Fashion Director for his Rock The Runway Show on October 24th at the Scottish Rite Center in Oakland California...Definitely stay in the know with "B"Couture happenings by signing up for our mailing list. We will be starting an email campaign shortly after Rock the Runway!!! Until next time...
Tylea "B"Couture

November 14,2009- It was a great experience working with Mario B.Productions and the Rock The Runway Show was a fab show from what the word on the street is. The models were beautiful and full of urban flavor as they 'rocked that runway' but the highlight of the night was making sure that the Queen Bee herself was on point. 106.1 KMEL Radio Personality Lady Ray was hosting this grand event and "B"Couture HAD to make sure that she was glammed up before she hit that stage. We had a great time working with her and look forward to working with her again in the near future!

Hair: Tylea "B"Couture of "B"Couture Style House Studio
Make-Up: Mercedes Stylez -"B"Couture Consulting & Placements
Jr.Accounts / PR rep: Duane Lynn of "B"Couture Consulting & Placements
Wardobe Assistants: Annie, Allise, Katarina, Ashley

"B"Couture Style House Studio and "B"Couture Consulting & Placements
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