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"B"Couture Consulting & Placements:

A network of seasoned hairstylists, makeup artists, fashion assistants and other creative professionals that we have registered to work along side "B"Couture Fashion Director and Wardrobe Stylist Tylea "B"Couture! Here is where we offer various services including but not limited to runway and on-set training, comp cards for aspiring models and fashion show production (assistance)

"B"Couture Style House Studio

The place where all of the magic takes place. Hair styling, Makeup artistry, Wardrobe and Fashion Styling on-set as well as on an individual basis. from airbrush makeup and tanning to personal shopping...I go the extra mile to satisfy the service needs of my clients. From Glam packages before a night out on the town to photo shoots and styling for music videos and film productions...

"B"Couture Fashion PR

Within the Fashion PR Division we focus primarily on brand development for our clients; coordinating/promoting events, writing and distributing press releases and serving as liason in media relations. We raise brand awareness and drive sales through creating opportunities for product placement for the client. (Web designing services coming soon!)

Each"B"Couture division will work together with its sister divisions to ensure the satifaction of our clients through customized service packages based on each clients need. Contact us when planning your next project!



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"B"Couture Style House Studio (SF) partners with DAM Magazine (NY)

October 10,2009
"B"Couture had a great outcome last month when partnering with DAM Magazine of  New York, New York. It was an editorial shoot featuring R&B Vocalist and Broadway actor Chester Gregory.Mr. Gregory charmed everyone with his deep philosophies on the "L" word (Love)complimented by his down to earth personality, a vibrant smile paired with a head full of hair that many women would kill for. After hearing him sing this December baby caused me to fall victim and become a fan and it turns out that we actually share a lot of the same views on life, love, career and family. To top it off we also share the same Birthday! December 10th...imagine that! It was truly a pleasure to work with the team of DAM Magazine, Chester Gregory and his PR/Management team . I look forward to working with them again /

November 7, 2009 and here we are! behind the scenes...